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we are profesional,compepetive and competent in our services
>>>We are based in Russia, Amsterdam and USA<<<< Email:- operation@euroterminals.ru


Euro Terminals Llc, has own transhipment and warehousing capacity, facilities for storage, processing, cleaning and packaging of the goods. Our Company’s representatives are well-versed in the demands of consumers in the target markets, so that in most cases they manage to select the optimal conditions for cooperation, taking into account wishes of customers of Euro Terminals Llc


Our Company has become a well-known and appreciated partner for professional storage and tailor-made services to meet our clients’ wishes and requirements. Our successful handling of petroleum products, chemicals, and gases has made Our Company the preferred storage provider for a wide range of companies.

TANK Construction

All ET's projects, whether design, engineering, or project management, are supervised by our in-house team of dedicated and highly qualified engineers. ET's close association with its personels, along with ET's involvement in construction and operations. We are well knowned all over the world.


Logistics solutions are provided for complex material flow and transport systems. In this case the whole process chain will be analyzed and optimized from the point of production to the factory of the consignee. Logistic solutions to Petrol / Chemical / oil transportation, packless and general cargoes in the ports of the Black Sea

A Few Words About us

Euro Terminals lllc helps its partners focus on what they do best — trading. Due to readiness to take on the processing of all risks, the foreign buyers can avoid concerns about the safety of invested funds in the course of operation with little-known regions.
Euro Terminal Llc is a leading dependent & independent services provider for the oil & gas storage and power generation markets. We provide a worldwide services which include Storage of petroleum products, procurement and fright management, facility operations & maintenance, and their maintainers such as cleaning and repair of tanks and transportation to our clients various location.

Biofuel Storage

We Provide The Best Solution
Euro Terminal Llc noticed the Increased volatility of petroleum prices and rising dependency on oil imports from unstable regions, combined with serious concerns about human-caused climate change led to a substantial growth of biofuel production and trade, and as a result – a need for biofuels storage in both importing and exporting countries.
What we do

Through its Tank Truck Loading Rack Euro Terminals Llc offers a unique access to the Dutch gasoline and diesel market. The highly automated state-of-the-art facility serves a substantial part of the Dutch market.

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Know Us Better
Between the world’s oil fields and the users of derivative products, independent terminal networks like Euro Terminal Llc perform vital connecting services. Independent storage terminals are not owned by the clients they serve and do not own any of the products they handle. We employ a decentralised management structure in which each facility functions as an autonomous Profit Centre.